Welcome to Hemispheres Occupational Therapy


Discover how Hemispheres can help children overcome difficulties with co-ordination, handwriting, reading, spelling, attention, behaviour and under achievement.


At Hemispheres we offer services to PARENTS, SCHOOLS and other THERAPISTS/ PROFESSIONALS.  

For PARENTS we look behind and treat the immaturities in the neurological system, which are at the cause of most developmental or learning difficulties, in children and young adults.  Hemispheres offers non invasive and drug free treatment which can help children with specific and developmental learning difficulties as well as young adults with sensory processing disorders.  

We provide extensive training and direct consultation services to SCHOOLS. To help support early intervention in schools, Hemispheres is developing the Hemispheres Movement Programme for Schools, which will be available from October 2014. 

Hemispheres is committed to pioneering the role of the reflexes in the treatment of children and young adults, we currently offer THERAPISTS and PROFESSIONALS the opportunity to see our work in practice and share knowledge and expertise. 



  • I see changes in pupils academic, social and emotional skills, which makes progress easier for those who are on the Hemispheres Programme.

    Sonya Rohov, Head of Learning Support, Yateley Manor School, Hampshire